Tommi Ahonen

Software Developer

Final project report

I'm studying to become a "Java Enterprise Developer" at Yrgo polytechnic in Gothenburg. I graduate in June 2022. Below is my final report.

Java Examensarbete Tommi Ahonen.pdf

Group projects

Below are three group projects that I wrote code for while studying at Yrgo polytechnic in 2020-2022.

Fuze is a graphical web UI for visualizing data extracted from Sveriges Radios öppna API, a REST API provided by Sweden's national publicly funded radio network. This project is implemented using frameworks like Vue.js, Bootstrap and ApexCharts.js. If you want to try it out live, we've deployed the application here. The application contains the following visualizations:

      • "Trafik": Traffic warnings that have recently been issued in the current geographical location of the user.

      • "Podcirkeln": A list of all podcast episodes released by Sveriges Radio according to category.

      • "Topplåtar": Calculates which songs have been played the most during specific year and month.

I wrote about half the code for this project. We also did a lot of extreme programming so it's hard to say exactly who wrote what. But here's a couple of features I contributed a bit more to:

      • I wrote the code getting GPS coordiinates of user and calculating geographic distance to traffic messages.

      • I wrote most of the code for the podlisting Vue component.

AirPnP is a web application which is similar to AirBnB, but instead of renting out apartments you are able to rent out parking spaces. It's built on top of the Spring MVC framework , uses a H2 database, that are mapped to domain classes using Hibernate and has a web frontend implemented in JSP - Standard Tag Library.
I wrote most of the code in this project but here's some of my favourite contributions:

      • I wrote all the code related to authentication i.e. I installed Spring Security and linked the user tables in our database to the user UserPrincipals that Spring Security uses.

      • I wrote the code in the views/frontend that enables different content be displayed depending on which user role is logged in.

      • I enabled use of JSP pages by installing JSP Compiler for Tomcat (Jasper) and after that wrote most of the JSP pages.

      • I wrote most of the code for the Controller.

Derby Parking is a RESTful CRUD API for managing parking permissions. The project is implemented on on the WildFly J2EE platform. The application runs on the Wildfly application server and we use Hibernate to do object-relational mapping. There is no graphical UI. Instead we tested the application with an Insomnia client. I wrote most of the code for this project.